StoneCutter Estates' Martinborough Vineyard

StoneCutter Estate of Martinborough honours the  river that has formed the Martinborough Terrace thousands of years ago; pays tribute to the pioneers who planted the first vineyards of Martinborough; and celebrates our people, who today hand tend our vines from grape to glass.

StoneCutter Vineyard & Winery are located in Martinborough, just outside of Wellington, at the base of the North Island. The Wairarapa is one of New Zealand’s most highly acclaimed winemaking regions, producing world-renowned Pinot Noir.

Our Martinborough vineyard of around seven acres is planted with Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Merlot, with small quantities of Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer and Albariño vines.


Unique Terroir - Incredible Wines

Originally planted in 1995, the first StoneCutter vintage in 1999 indicated a special terroir, with wines of superior flavour. Fifteen vintages later and this superb vineyard has continued to produce wines of excellent quality.

StoneCutter is situated on the ancient Martinborough River Terrace, whose free-draining gravels provide the foundation for incredible wine. The lofty Rimutaka and Tararua Ranges to the west keep the region dry, while long, hot summers, cool nights and frosty winters heat and cool the ground, releasing minerals into the soil.

Stiff breezes and low humidity keep the vines healthy, while the unique Martinborough climate slowly builds the complex structures needed to create distinctive pinots and aromatic whites.


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